Top 5 Travel Bloggers From India

Stunning beaches, ancient temples, awesome foods, Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, India has always been one of the most enthralling destinations. These are the top 5 amazing Indian travel bloggers, who have set an example for all of us that, nothing can stop us from exploring the vast world and find new adventures. These bloggers and their blogs inspire us to travel.

Anuradha Goyal
She has been blogging since 2004. Two of her biggest passions are Travel and Books. Anuradha writes about all her travel stories on the blog called Inditales and book reviews are all listed under AnuReviews. Anuradha has travelled extensively across India and also explored more than 18 countries. She is also the author of The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India, published by Random House India, an insightful look at some of India’s biggest digital powered businesses.

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Shivya Nath
Shivya Nath is a solo, offbeat and responsible female adventurer on a mission to inspire others out there and is also voted among the best travel bloggers in India. She runs an award winning blog called The Shooting Star where she writes about her travel. At the age 23, Shivya quite the corporate job with a dream of travelling the world. She has been featured on BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveller India Magazine and The Washington post to name a few. Her life story and adventures are very fascinating.

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Parnashree Devi
Parnashree Devi, is a travel blogger from Assam. She has travelled to more than 22 states in India and innumerable countries abroad. Parnashree started My Travel Diary to share her personal travel stories; On asking her why she loves travelling, “I travel because I want to. I have chosen to buy experiences over amassing wealth. The whole journey of discovering something new, meeting a new bunch of people, experiencing things that you never did in your entire life or having something absolutely bizarre is what I call a true adventure”. She hopes that, through her blog, she can inspire others to pack their bags and travel out of their comfort zones. She has won few awards and also featured in Femina India Magazine, Holidify etc..

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Karthik Reddy
After completing his MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in 2012, Karthik Reddy decided to leave his comfort zone and start traveling. Reddy soon started his own travel blog, Romancing The Planet. He loves to travel, eat different foods from various cuisines, experience different cultures, make new friends and meet other travelers which made him a travel blogger.

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Lakshmi Sharath
Lakshmi Sharath is a story teller, a traveler, travel blogger, writer, digital influencer, content specialist, media professional and photographer. In her blog, Travel With Lakshmi, Lakshmi shares about her travels within India and aboard. She has covered five continents and over 25 countries so far. The blog has won India’s best travel blog of the year. It has been also rated on several lists among the Top Travel Bloggers in India and digital media influencers in the country.

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Who are the top travel bloggers in your list that will be useful to know. Share you thoughts in the comments section.

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