Ilaveezhapoonjira,The Valley of No Leaves

Ilaveezhapoonjira which means pond of flowers where the leaves do not fall in the local language. It’s an awesome place where you can have heavenly view of the sun rising out of the mountains and sun setting into the mountains into a pillow of clouds. The place is a few kilometers from Thodupuzha, a small town in Kerala. You can either trek for some 3 kms or catch a jeep that will take you to the very top. I would recommend trekking to the top.


Ilaveezhapoonjira is also about 85 kms from Cochin and about 55  kms from Kottayam. Last year me with my few friends at work made a wee trip to this place. As soon as our vehicle left the planes and started climbing the mountain it was surrounded by mist and some of the views were breathtaking.



The bus or car can only go to a certain extent after which you need to hire a 4 wheel drive Jeep as the roads are very rocky and steep.


I have not heard of any resorts as such up there but small houses for adventure seeking people are available. Foods supplies need to bought from the bottom of the hill if you plan to stay overnight. The guide who took us to the top helped us setting campfire and also prepared some smoky grilled chicken in that.


As the night grows its complete silence and you are miles and miles away from noise. As you lie down in grass at night staring at the sky you see few stars up there and complete silence. It’s a blissful experience.


Me and my friends also did a walk to further top and you can see the entire valley from there.


If you like adventure and trekking then it’s an interesting place to go. November to March is the perfect time to visit this destination as at this time the weather is quite pleasant. People who are fond of rains can also visit this place during monsoons that is from June to August.

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