A day of my life at Kalimpong

After spending three days in Darjeeling, I travelled further up to Kalimpong which is located at 4100 ft. It takes about 3 hours from Darjeeling and it costs you around 150 Rupees in shared Jeep.

The road to Kalimpong is really good filled with greenery everywhere. The climate was misty and cold. The first place to come across was Lamahatta which is a small village.  Lama stands for Buddhist monk and Hatta means hut so Lamahatta means Monk’s Hermitage.


By evening I reached Kalimpong and checked into hotel Anjali delux. The town is always crowded and the roads are narrow with shops on both sides. Though it’s a part of West Bengal but most of them seems to speak Nepali. After taking some rest, I went out to book tomorrow’s sightseeing full day trip which will cost me 1500 rupees.

All you need now is a hot water bath and some food after the tiring journey.

The day trip was good but have to say that it was the usual tourist locations where everyone goes. Next time I should be more selective and go offbeat places.

Places to cover

  1. Golf Course
  2. Kali Bari
  3. Nurseries
  4. Drupin Dara Monastery
  5. Mangal Dham
  6. Dr. Graham Homes College which was built by British in 1900
  7. Deolo Hill
  8. Science Center
  9. Hanuman Temple

The Monastery

Science Center

Pine Nursery

Mangal Dham

Human Temple

Statue of Buddha

Dr. Graham College

Golf Course

Golf Course

Tourist Home at Deolo Hill

While you are at Kalimpong, you should try fish curry as they are very yummy. Bengalis are known for their Mach and Bhaath (Fish and Rice).

Rice and Fish Curry

The best part of my trip was spending the night sitting at the terrace of my hotel looking at the stars in sky and down below a hill completely filled with lights. The temperature too was around 10 degrees which is good. I sit there silently having one of my best days in life 🙂

To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world – Freya Stark

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