Its really difficult when you are supposed to write about yourself. So, to start with my name is Krish Ayyan. I work as IT Manager for living and that’s me!

My Passion

I have always loved interacting with people, listening to them and mentoring whenever that is needed. This is one of the reasons why I love my job which involves lots of people engagement. Apart from that I also inclined towards technology a bit especially with mobiles and must have spend thousands of rupees buying them. I am also a health freak at least in my mind and have tried many things to keep myself healthy and reduce weight which actually has given me quite a good exposure in this area (But don’t worry I am not a doctor and I don’t prescribe medicines). But above all I love backpacking, travelling and exploring new places.


Its not an easy job I should say to write on a regular basis.Generally one loses patience because we want our blog to be popular very quickly, like to see thousands of hits over a night. When this doesn’t happen one loses the interest and that’s the death of that blog. I think it happens initially to everyone who starts blogging.

I was really fascinated by blogging and read so many articles online. When I decided to start blogging, I had no idea what to blog. One day I would think to blog on movies and the other day on cuisines and the result was that I started 2 different blogs in last few years and all died in few months time. I wasn’t sure what I should be really writing.


During the last few months I starting thinking to write something that am really passionate about.This blog is all about my travelling and backpacking experiences.

I hope you will enjoying reading my posts. I would like to hear your comments even if you like my posts or not.

You could reach me through the contact page and I’m also available in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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