Wandering around the city of Bhuj

The capital city of Kutch is one of the most interesting and cultural cities of India. It was ruled by the Jadeja Rajput dynasty of the Samma tribe in 1510…

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How to Choose the right Backpack

Getting a right backpack is an important thing for any trip.If you buy too big then you land up carrying extra weight, too small won’t help you fit anything inside….

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Solo travel to the Great Rann Of Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch is famous for its white salty desert sand and is known as the largest salt desert in the world. It lies between Gujarat in India…

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Ilaveezhapoonjira,The Valley of No Leaves

Ilaveezhapoonjira which means pond of flowers where the leaves do not fall in the local language. It’s an awesome place where you can have heavenly view of the sun rising…

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Madurai, Athens of the East

If you have read my previous post A Trip to Rameswaram with Family then this one is continuation of that trip. From Rameswaram we travel further up to Madurai which…

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A Trip to Rameswaram with Family

A trip with parents has been a long pending one. Since Madurai and Rameswaram were not so far from my hometown we thought of making a trip there. In this post I have only written…

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