Mumbai:City of dreams which never sleeps

Mumbai is big and is a city that never sleeps. It’s a city where people from all walks of life come with a dream. Mumbai is India’s own New York…

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Vadodara : The Cultural City of Gujarat

In my last league of the Gujarat visit, I reached Vadodara from Bhuj. After visiting Vadodara I will be travelling to Ahmedabad to catch my flight back home. I travelled…

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Dwaraka : The Gateway To Heaven

The city of Dwaraka has so much connected with the Indian history. In the Hindu epics Dwaraka is one of the seven pilgrimage sites for spiritual liberation. The other six…

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Places to visit in Somnath

A busy town with visitors all the time and I was one among them. I normally don’t plan my stay in advance just to make the travel more interesting. So,…

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A small detour of Ahmedabad city

I always wanted to visit Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat. It was funny for the first time when I heard that people called it Manchester city of India but…

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13 Apps That Will Help You Travel Better In India

If you are planning to travel alone make sure you pack light, carry some emergency cash, and more importantly don’t forget your smartphone. Here are some of the free apps…

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